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Re: RFS: tclxml


On Tuesday 10 November 2009 18:36:16 Sven Hoexter wrote:
> Ok a few short remarks after a first look:
> * There are a lot of commented out lines in debian/rules - need them or
>   delete them. ;)

Ok, removed most of them.

> * Is there a reason to build-dep on tcl 8.4? Otherwise build-dep on the
>   tcl-dev package.


> * One should try if you can utilize the 'tcltk-depends' helper script to
>   get your depends from this tool and the ${tclsh:Depends} variable.

Fixed, but it worked, hmm, a little bit strange: it added a dependency on tcl, 
but haven't added a dependency on tcllib. The first is not necessary when the 
second present. But I left {$tcl:Depends} in place and just added tcllib 
manually. Not sure it's the best way, though.

> * Note in debian/copyright that you're now maintaining the package.

Added a line "Current maintainer: ..."

> There is a pkg-tcltk-devel mailinglist on lists.alioth.org,
> it's worth posting RFS there too so that people interested in Tcl related
> packages see them.

Ok, I'm sending RFS there too.

WBR, Andrew

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