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Re: Embedding one .deb inside another

Le 26 nov. 09 à 21:59, Joe Smith a écrit :


I'm having an issue with distributing a .deb package that has a dependency on another .deb package that might not be in an available repository (or the target may not have a network connection at the time of installation). What I'd like to do, ideally, is embed the dependency inside the parent package. That way, in the preinst script, it could just install it's dependency. However, the problem is that when installing the parent package, it locks the dpkg system so when it, in the preinst step, goes to run dpkg -i on the embedded .deb file, it can't get a lock and fails.

I believe that one way would be for the content on the depended-upon package to be in the depending package. The depending package should then "Provides:" the depended-upon package.

This is still an ugly solution. Unless in a very controlled environment, that will eventually cause problems.


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