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Re: New developer.

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Nuno Paquete schrieb:
Hi everyone,

I want to be a part of Debian developers team and I'm interested in some
orphaned projects.
I'm reading a lot about Debian developing and how to be a Debian
developer but I have some questions to do.
How can I get GnuPG key? I don't know anybody in the team and I've read
that I need someone to give me one.
I'm thinking about doing this:
- Read all the necessary documentation (I need to read a lot yet)
- Get a GnuPG key
- Submit myself as a maintainer of a project

Is this the correct way to start?

Best Regards,
Nuno Paquete


I think here you will find some helpful informations:

that and I would also add (in that particular order):

* start with learning how Debian Bug Tracking System is manipulated (which is one of the most valuable Debian assets)
* look for neglected bug reports, eventually in packages you are using
* try to submit patches and/or helpful comments to these bug reports.
* you might also want to adopt a neglected package, but do so only if you feel you have the knowledge and time to maintain it properly, not just for the sake of it.

If your work is found to be helpful, the chances are that you will get a sponsor for your uploads, you will be eventually advocated, and so forth.

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