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Re: RFS: bashare

guido iodice <guido.iodice@gmail.com> writes:

> It builds these binary packages:
> bashare    - BaShare helps you share files with your friends

Please write a synopsis that says what the package “is”. Example (you'll
have to change it so it's accurate):

    Description: simple file-sharing HTTP server

See the Debian Developer's Reference guidelines on the package synopsis

> My motivation for maintaining this package is: I'm the original
> author.

Thank you for working to improve Debian.

> I removed extra files (see lintian log) but I'm in dubt about debian
> native warning: actually bashare *is* a debian native package also in
> upstream.

Few packages are Debian native; this is reserved for packages that don't
make sense to install anywhere except a Debian system. The work you're
packaging would be useful outside of Debian, so it should not be a
native package.

See the answer to “When to use a native vs a non-native debian package”

> Another question is about manpages: Is it necessary? BaShare today is
> a only-gui software. However I could write a manpage.

Yes, every command needs a full manpage as well as many other parts of
the system; see Debian policy §12.1.

The manual page for a command contains much useful information, even for
commands that launch GUI programs.

> The final issue is that bashare suggest miniupnpc that is not in
> debian today.

Is it currently being worked on by someone to become a Debian package? I
would say until it's clear the referenced package will be in Debian, it
should not appear in your package's dependencies.

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