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Re: RFS: checkinstall (fixes RC bug)

Charles Plessy wrote:
Le Sun, Nov 22, 2009 at 09:21:44PM -0300, Felipe Sateler a écrit :
The upload would fix these bugs: 552860, 556725

Dear Felipe,

I have uploaded the package.


 By the way, have you considered appliying as a DM
to upload it independantly? Judging by your changelog, you have a good track

I hadn't really thought of it. Checkinstall is small and requires little maintainance, and the rest of my packages are team maintained so that it is not usually a problem. I am in the NM process, so this looks like little overhead for a good gain :).

Another question I have is the upstream status of checkinstall. There are no
commits anymore in the Upstream git repository since November 2008. As a
consequence, your package is accumulating a lot of patches. Has Upstream
completely abandonned development and maintainance ? In the worse case, maybe
you can consult with the maintainers of the checkinstall packages of the other
distributions (the command ‘whohas’ will help you to find them).

Not really. The upstream maintainer has been sort of MIA in the past year, but most of the patches in the debian package are already in the upstream git repository (and he usually accepts proposed patches). Although I have not really been involved with upstream so I haven't pushed him to release or anything.

Felipe Sateler

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