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64 new or updated packages from 8 Jan to 17 Jan ??? downloading from the right place? Anacron problem argz_stringify Asynchronous I/O At Last! Eiffel on Hurd attention: file corruption, diagnose program Automatic reply from Tim Wilkinson <tim> Bash-2.03 Uploaded Booting oddities Bug in apt-get? Bug in dselect or MACH terminal driver Bug in Ethernet Card DE 530TX+ Driver can grub boot from >8G Can't compile Mach4-UK22 cleaning up left over files... compiling hurd CPIO cross-install problems debconf problem (perl or pipe related?) e2fs and cd // emacs install problem RE: errno variable on the Hurd (was: Re: Postgresql question) Re: Experiences with the HURD Re: Extended attributes Re: gdb general compilation questions.. getting a directory from a port getting new packages info gnumach gnupg compiled has anyone packaged xserver + about reboot during native-install Holefinder... hurd boot problems Hurd on slashdot Re: Hurd-package for GNU/Linux hurd/ihash.h i want to help ! how ? Idle time Installing Hurd from the .debs Re: Java and HURD, success Re: Java on HURD, success Kaffe on GNU Hurd Learning kernel-hacking libps libps - PSTAT_TASK_BASIC libps patch load averages Mach Kernels Missing ncurses-base? native-install native-install problems new glibc and ... screen! Re: new hurd package New Install New Upload Newbie probs. now we have GRUB problems... Re: now we have GRUB problems...(correction :) old ext2fs server (was: Re: Newbie probs.) Open SSH available now! PAM panic: zalloc Re: performance plz help on "Read-only file-system" Problems with 3Com905C-TX program list which run under hurd ps_tty_name broken? RAM Disk Re: Random idea: reinstallation problems some useful screen settings someone could port libgc stack base (was Re: someone could port libgc) Still having booting problems summary: recent boot problems sush tetex and klibtool tetex installed Re: Todo trivfs Re: Trouble with kernel= Trouble with kernel=/ tsort conflict uid -1 Re: Unable to boot (Continued) Unidentified subject! URLs for new developers Weird cpio bug Wonderful Spam! [DELLPEST@FLASHMAIL.COM: DO YOU HAVE BUGS?] X does not work The last update was on 08:18 GMT Sat May 11. There are 294 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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