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Re: argz_stringify

Neal H Walfield <neal@gnu.org> writes:

>   char test[] = "a\0b\0c\0d\0e".
> [...]
> This works great, (ie when the last character is indeed a null).  However, if
> it happens that the last character is not a null, for example:
>   argz_stringify(test, 9, ' ');

This never was intended to be happening.  The values to be passed to
argz_stringify are supposed to come from other argz_* functions and
those are always counting in the trailing NUL byte of the last
element.  But since it's easy to do I've aptched the argz_stringify
code in glibc to allow this case as well.  It might be useful for some
purposes (like stringifying only parts of an argz value).

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