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native-install problems

I have had problems with the current packages booting so I went back
and grabbed the tarball, a little old but it got me to a prompt.  So I
ran native-install and everything started out well.  Then it got to:

Setting up libc0.2 (2.1.2-0pre12) ...
Running `tzconfig\` to set this system's timezone.
(default pager): dropping data_request because of previous paging

repeated many times.

My machine is a k6/200 with nothing but a video card and an ethernet,
but Im not sure if the hardware is the problem.  I can give a detailed
description if needed but it's not my machine so I would have to dig
around to find out all the hardware specs.  Any suggestions are
appreciated. This is my first time trying out the hurd and I don't
have microkernel experience.  Thanks...
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