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Trouble with kernel=/

I haven't been able to subscribe to the hurd-help list (help-hurd-request
@gnu.org is not responding to my emails), so I'll try this
list.  I have installed the tar-ball file of hurd.  I've been using the
"Easy guide to installing Hurd...".  I'm up to the 6th part where I'm
trying to use GRUB with kernel=/boot/gnumach root=hd1s1 -s
>From what I gather, root=(hd1,0) and root=hd1s1 are correct for my system.
I get the error file not found.  Using the tab completion ablity I know
I'm in the right partition.  But GRUB can't find any files in /boot.
When I boot my normal linux and look under /gnu everything is there
  Any ideas??

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