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Re: general compilation questions..

> > Sorry, you are out of the game :) Come back later when you fixed your
> > law...
> > Luckily, I am in German (see above for the link)
> Does USA have _import_ regulations on encryption software ?
> I thought NON-US is for software, which can't be exported from the
> states.

Correct. The restrictions here are only on export. The problem is that
unless you are dealing with patches devoid of encryption, once that
software is *imported* into the US (legally) we cannot make a
debian package and ship it back out. Once its in, it must stay in.

Hence US development of OpenSource encryption routines is essentially
work that must be replicated by somebody outside of the country
(except in the case where the patches don't pertain to the actual
alghorithm, as I said).

Flaming death to US encryption restrictions...


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