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Re: someone could port libgc

On Mon, Jan 17, 2000 at 12:00:58AM +0000, Chris Lingard wrote:
> Some success with libgc.  Got slink and potato confused.  libgcj (java) and libgc are
> available as Debian source.  Have built:
> libgc4_4.12-4.13alpha-2_hurd-i386.deb   (165774Kb)   ( C/C++ code only)

                                           ^^^^^^^^ Yow! I hope not!
> It runs the check procedures, and installs OK.  Still looking at the Java version.
> Will contact the Debian maintainer and post the patches;  but first I would like to do
> further checking.  There are warnings from the Debian build;  but I have run out of
> free time.
> Will check it out this week, and post further details.

Great, thanks a lot.

[gcc 2.95] 
> Yes,  sorry I was writing fast.  Have not investigated why make compare does not
> work.  It only builds if we have the new libc installed.

Well, we know why it doesn't work (a race condition in ext2fs), and Mark
worked out a patch which should be checked in by now.

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