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Problems with 3Com905C-TX

  I connected two PCs with 100Mbts Ethernet, both has 3Com905C-TX Fast
Etherlink XL NICs. One PC has FreeBSD only and the other Linux and Hurd
Partitions. Not so simple as it looks. Linux could not find the NIC. I
compiled David Becker's
driver , but it didn't worked( Ethernet controller : 3Com  Unknown
device (rev 116).It seems that Donald Becker's driver cann't access this
NIC and it seems to be compiled with GMUmach.I have solved this Problem
for Linux with patching of Kernel with 3C90x-series driver from 3Com's
page.FreeBSD-Linux network is working well. But my idea was to connect
Hurd anyway to internet over the network. The sources of the driver are
available. May be anybody had already ported this for Hurd ?
 Linux driver is here

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