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some useful screen settings


to emulate linux vts more closely, add this to ~/.screenrc.
It enables you to use ALT and function keys to switch terminal and to move
left and right but with other keys. I wish I could map simple keys to the
scroll back buffer, but scroll back is onl available through the copy mode
and I did not see any possibility to get the patented one click technology
in here...


bindkey ^[O0 select 0
bindkey ^[O1 select 1
bindkey ^[O2 select 2
bindkey ^[O3 select 3
bindkey ^[O4 select 4
bindkey ^[O5 select 5
bindkey ^[O6 select 6
bindkey ^[O7 select 7
bindkey ^[O8 select 8
bindkey ^[O9 select 9
# Screen only has 10 terminals.
#bindkey ^[O: select 10
#bindkey ^[O; select 11

# Unfortunately, Mach does ignore modifiers on Cursor keys.
# This can be fixed, but for now, let's use other keys to move.
# ^[, is ALT and ","
# ^[. is ALT and "."
bindkey ^[, prev
bindkey ^[. next

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