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RE: libps

gkade@kanga(pts/0):~ 52 > ps --version
procps version 2.0.4

This version does support -G.

Apparently it's only a recent thing?  Checking on an older box:

gregory@pslgw(ttyp1):~ 21 > ps --version
procps version 1.2.9

This version does not support -G.

These are both (Red Hat) linux boxen, so i guess sometime in the last
several months people added -G support to the procps package.  Having not
yet been able to retire my NT box for installing GNU Hurd or Debian
GNU/Linux, I have no idea what version is current with Debian. (too many
things to do... to many OS's to play with.)

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> There is no -G on my Linux syste.
> That is about selecting processes based on GID, which is different from
> showing the GIDs of processes.  (Though the Hurd ps has neither.)

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