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Re: Experiences with the HURD

On Fri, Dec 31, 1999 at 05:02:05PM +0100, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:

> Seems the pfinet server didn't come up instantly. Have you double checked
> that the problem is reproducable? Does it only happen once after reboot
> (kiling the translator)?

Sorry, this seems to be a problem with linux. The problem always
happens when I reboot my laptop and did not login before I try to ping
my linux-laptop from the HURD. I can reproduce that. Strange. When I
logout and there are no more user logged in, it works;-)

[FTP needs minutes to password-prompt]
> Again, I never experienced this before. It works fine here...

I can reproduce that. The first message is Trying Then
the computer needs a minute or so and then I get the message Escape
Character is '^]'. And after another 5 minutes or so I get a password
prompt. (The user-names are the same on both systems). Strange, how
can I check, what goes wrong here? I booted linux on my HURD-box and
when I connect from linux to linux all runs normal

> No packages needed, check the nfs server in /hurd, for example.

How can I set that up? I tried it with settrans /directory /hurd/nfs and when I cd to /directory I only get the message
Translator died.

[German Keymaps]
> Did I forgot the docs? Try to take a look at the source, it's readable
> perl...

O.K., I just did it the right way, I only wondered why it needs so a
long time and I pressed ctrl-c

> > Another thing: Grub works fine from floppy, but there is no
> > /floppy/boot/grub/menu.lst which I can edit. Do I have to mount the
> > floppy first?
> Probably.
> >How can I do that with the HURD?
> cd /dev
> ./MAKEDEV fd0
> settrans -c /floppy /hurd/ext2fs /dev/fd0

Here I have another question. When I settrans removeable media with
HURD, do I have to unsettrans the media before I remove them? And
where are the informations about the settransed filesystems are
stored? Is there a file in /etc

> It's not trivial, read teh grub docs, install command...

Where do I find these docs? Haven't found them till now...

Greetings, Michael

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