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Re: has anyone packaged xserver + about reboot during native-install

On Tue, Jan 04, 2000 at 11:52:53AM +0100, tomcato@iname.com wrote:
> Has anyone packaged vga16 or svga xserver? I could not find it
> on alpha.gnu.org or debian sites.

No, sorry, they don't work out of the box yet. But you can use a remote
> It seems like the reboot I reported during native-install was caused by
> me not reading the doco and doing
> export TERM=mach
> *before* native-install.

Bad guy ;)

> Does this make sense? I installed again, first with
> export TERM=mach to early, and a message about some unrecognised
> vt-term flashed by before the screen went black. Next install when I did
> stuff in the correct order things went better. 

It does not "make sense" in the strict meaning of the term, ie I wouldn't
expect it to crash because of that, but anyway it may be the reason it
crashed. That is either a bug or it is a side effect. After all we can't
guarantee anything before running native-install (well, we can only
guarantee that native-install will run succesfully).
Other things that don't work before running native install are pipes, all
programs that use device files, network, etc etc.


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