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Newbie probs.

Local neighborhood newbie alert =)

I'm just installing hurd for the first time.  Finally have it booting, but
I'm still having a bit of a prob:

At the moment I'm compiling XF86 3.3.6 .  More to the point, during the
compile, somewhat intermittantly, the system will freeze up.  Here's what
I know so far:

I have a K7 w/fic mobo; 13gb IDE, with 980mb set aside for hurd.

During compiling X, ext2fs.static takes inordinate percentages of CPU time
(or so ps reports).  Occasionally it will shoot from the usual 50-70% all
the way up to about 95%, and then the system becomes
unstable.  Ext2fs.static times out when I try to reboot, and I leaves the
disk dirty (no clean unmount).

The closest I can get to replicating the problem is to run:
	cd /; while true; do cd root; cd ..; done
This runs ext2fs.static up to about 50-60% cpu.

The only thing I've found that seems to help (a little, though this is
ignorance speaking) is to run fsysopts --sync=10 or so.  This (a) does
nothing, or (b) helps just a little bit (seems that the crashes take
longer to occur with frequent syncing).

Any suggestions as how I might go about dealing with this?

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