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Re: now we have GRUB problems...

Hi Seth,
  I am assuming you are doing a cross-install from a debian GNU/linux
system because of your comment:

> (for instance serverboot.gzkg-deb, or something like that

try the grub install from the debian GNU/linux system.  Use apt-get.
set your BIOS to boot first floppy then harddrive
remove the present bootloader if there is one for example lilo
apt-get install lilo-

install the grub bootloader, the latest version is grub 0.93.1
apt-get install grub

make a grub directory in /boot
mkdir /boot/grub/

copy files to /boot/grub/
cp /usr/share/grub/i386-pc/stage1 /boot/grub/
cp /usr/share/grub/i386-pc/stage2 /boot/grub/

copy files to a PREFORMATTED floppy
dd if=/usr/share/grub/i386-pc/stage1 of=/dev/fd0 bs=512 count=1
dd if=/usr/share/grub/i386-pc/stage2 of=/dev/fd0 bs=512 seek=1

create a menu.lst file using your favorite quick editor(mine is joe)
joe /boot/grub/menu.lst

the menu.lst file is created/placed in the /boot/grub/directory:  here
is a example of menu.lst(an old copy of mine):
# configuration file for the grub bootloader
# timeout is 30 seconds

# for booting WINDOWS 98 main
title=  WINDOWS 98 main

# for booting WINDOWS 98 experimental
title=  WINDOWS 98 experimental

# for booting WINDOWS NT 4.0
title=  WINDOWS NT 4.0

# for booting Debian GNU/linux 2.2
title=  Debian GNU/linux 2.2
kernel=/boot/vmlinuz-2.2.13 root=/dev/hda5

# for installing the grub bootloader in the MBR
title=  Install the grub bootloader in the MBR(DANGEROUS!)
pause=Esc to exit, Enter to continue...
install=(hd0,4)/boot/grub/stage1 (hd0) (hd0,4)/boot/grub/stage2 0x8000 p

Remember to put your hurd booting section in your menu.lst!
Once you have created /boot/grub/menu.lst then reboot with your grub
floppy in place.  When the grub prompt comes up use the install=
feature, for example
install=(hd0,4)/boot/grub/stage1 (hd0) (hd0,4)/boot/grub/stage2 0x8000 p

then reboot and have fun

hope this helps

Seth Aaron Nickell wrote:
> > If so, you need to find the ncurses-term package from Debian.
> > It should be under the admin directory -- it replaces ncurses-base
> > and will satisfy that dependency.
> Since cross-install seemed geared towards ncurses4 anyway, I
> "went with the flow" and snagged ncurses-base from slink (I
> presume that it contains no Linux specific matter as it was
> located in binary-all)....
> In any case I'm now experiencing show-stopping problems with
> GRUB. I've dd'd the latest version of the GRUB-floppy for HURD
> (10/23/99) over to my floppy drive. I've tried a number of
> different floppies, including two brand new ones (and I've
> not had trouble making linux boot floppies unless the floppy
> itself was bad).
> But the directory structure on the GRUB disk (or at least
> loopback directory structure, or whatever GRUB is using - as
> I don't see much structure at *all* from linux) seems
> completely corrupted. For instance, the directory 'boot' is
> consistently mangled with the addition of two strange characters
> to the end of it (one of which looks similar to an s). And it
> contains two files - whose names actually look like screwed
> up conglomerates of the files that should be in the directory
> (for instance serverboot.gzkg-deb, or something like that
> is one of the files).
> I might suspect my floppy drive, but I've never really had
> trouble before.
> -Seth
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