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RE: Weird cpio bug


> I have just now checked in fixes for both of these bugs, and 
> your cpio test case now works fine.  You'll need to update your 
> hurd to get the fix.
Thanks for fixing this so quickly.  I did try to get some of the
'gdb' info you suggested in your first mail, but I ran into a limitation
in my knowledge of how to use gdb that I hope you will not mind
helping me with.

In this case, the test was to pipe a list of file names into cpio
using the "pass-through" option.  I initially tried firing up gdb
and running it with a list of filenames, but quickly realized this
wouldn't work because `cpio -p` expects a listing from standard
input (not from the command line).

Under dbx I would probably have placed a break instruction in cpio
to halt in the first few lines of code, then used "ps" to locate the
PID for cpio, then attached to the running process under dbx.
Is this the correct route to take with gdb?  Or is there a shortcut
by which you can use gdb to debug a program, but still pipe data to
it by standard input?


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