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now we have GRUB problems...

> If so, you need to find the ncurses-term package from Debian.
> It should be under the admin directory -- it replaces ncurses-base
> and will satisfy that dependency.

Since cross-install seemed geared towards ncurses4 anyway, I 
"went with the flow" and snagged ncurses-base from slink (I
presume that it contains no Linux specific matter as it was
located in binary-all)....

In any case I'm now experiencing show-stopping problems with
GRUB. I've dd'd the latest version of the GRUB-floppy for HURD
(10/23/99) over to my floppy drive. I've tried a number of 
different floppies, including two brand new ones (and I've 
not had trouble making linux boot floppies unless the floppy
itself was bad).

But the directory structure on the GRUB disk (or at least 
loopback directory structure, or whatever GRUB is using - as
I don't see much structure at *all* from linux) seems 
completely corrupted. For instance, the directory 'boot' is
consistently mangled with the addition of two strange characters
to the end of it (one of which looks similar to an s). And it
contains two files - whose names actually look like screwed
up conglomerates of the files that should be in the directory
(for instance serverboot.gzkg-deb, or something like that
is one of the files).

I might suspect my floppy drive, but I've never really had
trouble before.


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