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Re: Still having booting problems

On Mon, Jan 03, 2000 at 02:36:53PM -0500, Neal H Walfield wrote:
> Root device ``E!!' does not exist!
> Root device name? [`E!!] foo
> Server boot script? [/dev/foo/boot/servers.boot]
> Root device `foo' does not exist!
> Root device name? [foo] hd0s1
> Server boot script? [/dev/hd0s1/boot/servers.boot] foo
> no device name
> Can't open server boot script foo: No such file or directory
> Server boot script? [foo] /dev/hd0s1/foo
> Then it freezes.
> Why is this?  It should give me another `Can't open server boot script' but
> it doesn't, UNLESS the HURD can't read the partition!

Terrible. I am scared :)
> Why couldn't the HURD read my ext2 partition?  Well, for the same reason that
> GRUB 0.5.93 couldn't: I am using the latest ext2 tools under Linux and this
> caused your boot disk (the one on alpha.gnu.org) with Grub 0.5.93 to not be
> able to read the partition properly.

Oh well. Two things: One, I will update the grub boot floppy. Second, can
you double check by downgrading to an older version of e2fsprogs and try
from scratch?

> It would appear that the HURD or more exactly: serverboot is having the same
> problem: it cannot handle the newest ext2 format and is therefore silently
> dying upon accessing trying to access the partition!  Note that it is NOT
> ext2fs.static that is causing the problem here as we never actually get that
> far.

If that's the case Roland has something to work on over next weekend :)


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