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Re: Still having booting problems

Hi Marcus,

Great news, I believe that I have figured out the problem!

The following will best illustrates what is happening:

com1: ....
Root device ``E!!' does not exist!
Root device name? [`E!!] foo
Server boot script? [/dev/foo/boot/servers.boot]
Root device `foo' does not exist!
Root device name? [foo] hd0s1
Server boot script? [/dev/hd0s1/boot/servers.boot] foo
no device name
Can't open server boot script foo: No such file or directory
Server boot script? [foo] /dev/hd0s1/foo

Then it freezes.

Why is this?  It should give me another `Can't open server boot script' but
it doesn't, UNLESS the HURD can't read the partition!

Why couldn't the HURD read my ext2 partition?  Well, for the same reason that
GRUB 0.5.93 couldn't: I am using the latest ext2 tools under Linux and this
caused your boot disk (the one on alpha.gnu.org) with Grub 0.5.93 to not be
able to read the partition properly.  This was described by Gordon in a
message about a month ago: due to incompatible updates in the ext2 tools the
new partitions created by them are not backwards compatible with older ext2
tools. I downloaded Gordon's latest Grub, this worked flawlessly,
no more `funny' characters in the filenames!  I thought no more of it, until

It would appear that the HURD or more exactly: serverboot is having the same
problem: it cannot handle the newest ext2 format and is therefore silently
dying upon accessing trying to access the partition!  Note that it is NOT
ext2fs.static that is causing the problem here as we never actually get that

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