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Re: i want to help ! how ?

On Fri, Jan 21, 2000 at 10:20:47PM -0800, Halis Osman ERKAN wrote:
> Hi all who works for HURD
> i have just taken OS lecture and now i want to do
> something real! 
> i installed hurd but thats all ; i want to code for
> hurd's kernel if i can ;
> what must i do?
> i tried to trace the source but i could not decide
> where to start. if theres any document about this or
> anybody can help me with his/her experince i think i
> can do smth for HURD 

Try to implement ppp.
It's shame fo GNU/Hurd nobody had already done it.
Download pppd and Linux's ppp sources, and
if you manage, GNU/Hurd will come much more popular in Europe

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