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Re: Newbie probs.

On Sun, Jan 30, 2000 at 03:42:34AM -0500, Shawn Walker wrote:
> I'm just installing hurd for the first time.  Finally have it booting, but
> I'm still having a bit of a prob:
> At the moment I'm compiling XF86 3.3.6 .

Are you sure this is the first thing you want to do? :)
(Don't let me discourage you, though)

> More to the point, during the
> compile, somewhat intermittantly, the system will freeze up.

Better is to interrupt it before it crashes and reboot.
Best is to compile on  a seperate partition (not the root partition), so if
it crashes, the rest of the system is still alive.

> I have a K7 w/fic mobo; 13gb IDE, with 980mb set aside for hurd.

Of course, X build tree does not fit on a single Hurd partition...
> During compiling X, ext2fs.static takes inordinate percentages of CPU time

> The only thing I've found that seems to help (a little, though this is
> ignorance speaking) is to run fsysopts --sync=10 or so.  This (a) does
> nothing, or (b) helps just a little bit (seems that the crashes take
> longer to occur with frequent syncing).

The default sync interval is 5, so you make it longer.

> Any suggestions as how I might go about dealing with this?

When compiling on a seperate partition, you can attach gdb to the crashing
ext2fs process and get a backtrace.

When I last compiled X, it took three days and nights on my P100, and it did
not crash a single time. However, this was before the ext2fs server was
upgraded to reflect changes in the ext2fs format. :-/


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