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RE: Learning kernel-hacking

> On the other hand, if you want to look at a microkernel, Hurd 
> offers you
> a good opportunity to do that. However, it's very different from Linux
> code; and I feel quite a bit more difficult to read. If you're up to a
> challenge, it'd probably be a worthwhile investment. There 
> are a lot of
> Mach references available on the net; and this mailing list is a good
> resource as well.  

Yesterday I grabbed the cvs of gnumach, mig and hurd, and discovered there
was a "GNU HURD Reference Manual".  Allthough it doesn't go into the mach,
it got me excited enough to ignore my need for sleep..
  What I want to do is switch to hurd on my toys and se what I can do to
help out there.  I had partly thought about looking at smp, since I have a
two processor PII at home, but from what I understand, hurd is allready
multithreaded into it's spine..

> If you've never touched it, I'd probably recommend Linux. 
> Afterwards, hit the Hurd.

But there are that big differences that learning linux wouldn't help me that
nuch in understanding the hurd?

Regards, EOF

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