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Re: program list which run under hurd

On Mon, Jan 17, 2000 at 11:26:29PM +0100, Daniel Wagner wrote:
> I wonder which programs already run under Hurd.


    Packages Which Compile Cleanly Without Any Changes

should be reasonable up to date.

     * admin: anacron, at, cruft, logrotate, sudo.
     * base: ae, bash, debianutils, diff, e2fsprogs, elvis-tiny, fileutils,
       findutils, glibc, gnumach, grep, grub, gzip, hostname, hurd, libwrap0,
       mawk, ncurses, sed, shadow, shellutils, tar, textutils.
     * comm: minicom.
     * devel: bison, blas, byacc, cook, crashme, cutils, cvs, diffstat,
       flex, gettext, global, hello, hello-debhelper, indent, make, mig,
       nasm, perl-byacc, rcs.
     * doc: man-db, pinfo, texinfo.
     * editors: ed, jed, joe (but doesn't work quite right), nvi, vim.
     * games: games/an, empire-leaf, fortune-mod, gnugo, typespeed, xbat,
       xjewel, xjokes, xjump, xmountains, xoj, xroach, xzip.
     * graphics: ean13, giftrans.
     * interpreters: gawk, m4, perl, pforth, python.
     * libs: aalib, db, dialog, gdbm (but see bug), libaudiofile, libglib,
       libident, libiodbc2, libjpeg62, libpng, pcre, popt, slang1, svgalib-dummy,
       tk8.0, zlib.
     * mail: exim, fetchmail, mimedecode, mpack, mutt, procmail.
     * math: bc, g2, oleo, spline, wzip.
     * misc: birthday, dbview, megahal, otp.
     * net: inetutils, ircii, lftp (but doesn't work quite right), lurkftp,
       ncftp, netcat (reported by Andres), whois.
     * otherosfs: mtools.
     * sound: mp3info, sox.
     * tex: dvidvi, tetex, untex.
     * text: c2ps, diction, enscript, figlet, groff, gs, jade, less, most,
       par psutils, ptx, recode, sgml-tools, since, slice, word2x.
     * utils: binstats, buffer, bzip2, cpio, cracklib, file, hex, hextype,
       iselect, patch, pgrep, sharutils, symlinks.
     * web: analog, lynx, wget.
     * x11: bclock, unclutter, xfishtank, xpm4g.

Some more packages work but not without changes. Some more packages were
added today.

Couple of hundred (1700) have still to be tested.

> I ask myself because the ftp
> server of Debian has also some debs which certainly not do.

For example? Remember that packages linked from binary-all are sometimes
linux specific or missing some binary packages to work.

I wonder why everyone seems to be so pessimistic about it :)

> I downloaded
> some of the debs but not all (ohhh, only a 56k modem) and they seem to work.
> Is it useful to put a list together with programs/debs which are know for
> running? Anyway here's my list (maybe the flavour-version number should not 
> be included):

Don't waste your time on this statistic. When the autobuilder is set up (and
it will be really soon now), those statistics will be automatically


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