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RE: Mach Kernels

> > Note that all other mach based OS are single server, while 
> > the Hurd is a multi server OS.
> What exactly is multi-server?  What multiple *things* are being served
> that on other os'es are being singly served?
For one thing, you could have multiple "OS" modules running on top
of Mach (e.g., a Hurd server, a Linux server, a FreeDOS server).
If you had multiple processors, this could even run simultaneously
and pass messages back and forth.

> Pardon my vagueness :} .By crash-proof I suppose I mean if one program
> goes down, it won't take others with it.  
This is generally true of most "modern" operating systems.  Linux
has this feature (i.e., if my ftp program crashes, my text editor
does not also crash).

> But I've also read that many components of the system have been moved 
> into user space where the ordinary user can interact with them, even 
> fully customize or even <insert profanity here> up their own space without

> affecting other users.
True -- this is a major feature of the Hurd.


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