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New Install

I've installed the Hurd, and it appears to be working okay.
A few problems:
   The easy guide to installing Hurd on a Linux box has old addresses -
GRUB (and serverboot?) needed to be updated before it would work.
   Debconf doesn't want to install - it complains about something in 
Perl and /dev/fd/8 ?
   When it boots up, it spits out something to the printer (HPDJ 692c)
connected to the parallel port that causes it to print some garbage
and spit out a page of paper.
   DHCP? I realize that it might possible to copy the IP's over
from Linux, but that risks annoying a sysadmin sooner or later.
I guess this may be my entrance to the wonderful world of Hurd
hacking . . .

What can I do if I build packages? I realize I can submit a patch to 
the BTS if it needs one. I'm not a Debian developer, so I can't
upload to Debian. I can upload them to my ftp site 
(x8b4e53cd.dhcp.okstate.edu) which would only be up when I was running
Linux - is there a better place?

David Starner - dstarner98@aasaa.ofe.org
If you wish to strive for peace of soul then believe; 
if you wish to be a devotee of truth, then inquire.
   -- Friedrich Nietzsche

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