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Re: Extended attributes

Hello Christopher Browne!

 On Fri, 31 December 1999 at 22:07:49, you wrote:

 [*.c associations]
 > ... And with a print utility ...

And with an indentation tool and a source code analyzer and a spill
checker and a documentation generation system and ... oh dear -
where is bash - give my shell back to me and get me outta here! ;-)

 > I'm not sure that the EA necessarily needs to go with the file in this
 > case.  I suspect that putting the control information in something
 > like unto ~/.mailcap

Why record type information at all? I got curious and proved it -
even 'file' as it exists today spits out type information for
roughly 100 files within two seconds or less. Of course - I have
a reasonably fast SCSI disk and 800 Bogomips, but when I ran it
a second time it was just about as fast as a directory listing.
Are you guys sure that information which can be gathered as fast
is really worth recording? I have considerable doubts about it.
Besides - 'file' already has great knowledge about file types, so
why try reinventing the wheel? Why even think about the good old
stone axe if you can do it with power tools?
(Of course plain text vs. english text vs. not very english text is
 a bit spotty but this can be forgiven since 'file' even identifies
 a GNU/Linux Software Map as such (ever read about LSM entries?).) ;-)


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