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I am trying to make a trivial translator.  I have had no problem
implementing the reading side it thanks to Gordon's hello world
translator. However, I am having problems getting the waiting side
of it to work in doing so, I have made several observations:

If any of the /src/hurd/libtrivfs/* routines get called and abort
because the function does not exist, the translator can never
be removed (either via -g or --fg). If another operation occurs
on the translator, the whole system hangs and requires a reboot
(note: I am not root).

If the translator enters an infinite root, because for instance the
amount_written in trivfs_io_write is always (incorrectly) returned
as 0 (if the translator keeps telling the callee that the call failed),
the system hangs again.

If I attach to a translator with gdb, I get a message press return to
continue or q to quit and then it just hangs.  What is the correct way
to debug a translator.

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