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Re: native-install

On Mon, Jan 31, 2000 at 11:52:03AM -0500, Derek L Davies wrote:
> I haven't been able to boot multi user without problems.  e2fsck
> running on HURD complains about an unexpected something (I have it
> written down at home, but I'm at work now) and then drops me at a
> command prompt. e2fsck running on Linux reports no problems with the
> partition.

Strange indeed.

>  I still have not been able to get the network running.  I
> end up with an eth0 and an eth1 even though I have only one NIC.

We need the exact boot messages at least.

> Doing ./MAKEDEV /dev/eth0 does not work.  Again, I don't have the
> specific message.

eth0 are not created in /dev, as they aren't under linux.
> Anyway, given all that I'm thinking that I might just start over from
> scratch again, this time carefully documenting the problems and fixes
> I encounter.

This might be a good idea.

> One thing I found confusing is that Roland's latest serverboot is in
> bz2 format.

I think he only did it to save you a bit of bandwidth. Please uncompress
before using it.

>  Does GRUB understand bz2 format

no, only gz or no compression at all.


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