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general compilation questions..

Howdy. I installed the hurd last night. It almost went smoothly. Ran into
a problem with libncurses4, It's listed as being in base/ but is actually
in oldlibs, and the script wouldn't find it on my mirror, I switched it
to libncurses5 thinking that would work, and it did for the install, but
dselect dies without libncurses4.

Next: I've hit some dependency issues, and don't know if this is the right
place to report them..

logrotate wants cron 3.0pl1-53 but I only have 3.0pl1-50
bsdutils wants sysvinit ( I think I've seen something mentioned about
this before )
and the one that bugs me the most apt is 0.1.9, and won't install because
debconf wants apt 

(All the packages come from a local mirror which rsync's to debian.midco.net

I hit the problem mentioned a few days ago with serverboot not understanding
the ext2 partition and the fixed version mentioned here worked great.

Now. I want to make ssh run. I've managed to get openssl(which openssh relies
on) to compile. Just had to add a hurd target in the Configure script with
TERMIOS instead of TERMIO. 

OpenSSL supports threading, and one thing I had to put in the Configure
script was to use -D_REENTRANT when compiling, however I wanted to make
sure that libc supports this on hurd. Being listed as libc0.2 I assume
it's under seriours developement.

Next - OpenSSL passes make tests, so I figure it works. There's no hurd
package for this yet, so I could make on, however this is a non-us package
and I'm in the US. So am I just out of luck here? I've read something about 
recently changed export laws but don't know how this affects things- I looked 
at the past 3 months of debian-legal and saw one question on this subject but 
no answers.  

hmm. what else.. 
oh. Is there a way to do virtual terminals like in GNU/Linux?

What needs doing?

thanks for your time,


this is not here

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