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Kaffe on GNU Hurd

Hi Igor,

I have download your changes on Kaffe for GNU Hurd and little rework it.
All GNU Hurd will be aliased to hurd in config/config.alias.

About SA_SIGINFO ignored on GNU/Linux I can explain why and you will see
if it's applicable to GNU Hurd.

Since Linux kernel 2.1.x, SA_SIGINFO is handle in the kernel.  When I
handle on Sep 1998, I used glibc1.  With glibc2 it's also defined but
kernel 2.0 simply ignore this flag.  As without SA_SIGINFO, signal
handler already have struct sigcontext as second parameter, it's not
necessary on GNU/Linux to set SA_SIGINFO to have struct siginfo to
retreive stack pointer and program counter registers.

I will commit your changes soon on cvs.kaffe.org,
thanks for your patch.
Edouard G. Parmelan

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