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Re: Kaffe on GNU Hurd

Igor Khavkine wrote:

> Also here's some more useful information. After I compiled Kaffe, I ran make 
> check in the source tree. IIRC there were 3 tests that failed.
> Preempt.java:
> preempting didn't work and the program was deadlocked after 
> printing
> started 5 threads
> thread 0

Could you check that SP_OFFSET is 2 in jmp_buf for i386-gnu ?  You
could use developers/sp_offset.c to guest that.
> StackDump.java:
> from what I could trace, it segfaulted in what seemed to be a 
> function produced by the JIT. I haven't tried Kaffe without JIT yet, since 
> right now my Hurd box is almost unusable because of file system corruption. I 
> need to try a fresh install.
> UncaughtException.java:
> I think that was the last one that failed, i didn't get far with this one.

Both use SEGV (aka NullPointerException) but according to Roland McGrath:

> SA_SIGINFO is not currently supported on the Hurd at all.
> However, signal handlers do get passed struct sigcontext * 
> as the third argument (like BSD).

your definition of EXCEPTIONPROTO, seem to not be correct:

        int sig, struct sigcontext ctx

BSDI, FreeBSD2, NetBSD1 and OpenBSD have this definition in Kaffe:

	int sig, int code, struct sigcontext* ctx

I will commit this definition (and change of EXCEPTIONFRAME macro).
Edouard G. Parmelan

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