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Re: Problems with 3Com905C-TX

From: "Issakov M." <nc-issakomi@netcologne.de>
Subject: Problems with 3Com905C-TX 
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 23:16:51 +0000

> Hurd anyway to internet over the network. The sources of the driver are
> available. May be anybody had already ported this for Hurd ?

  Theoretically, you can use the Linux driver for GNU Mach as well,
just by replacing it with the current one (or adding it). See the
source tree of GNU Mach 1.2. It has the directory "linux" and the
directory contains many of the Linux drivers. If your driver can be
compiled with Linux 2.0.x, there will be no problem. Otherwise it
might not be so easy.

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