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Re: Extended attributes

Hello Christopher Browne!

 On Sat, 1 January 2000 at 02:06:48, you wrote:
 > I didn't say "type information."

It's the EA-thingy that frightened me (under OS/2 EA
means Extended Attribute) - more precisely - I don't
like the idea to record type information somewhere on
disk - that's all. Whatever one might do with file type
information is a different matter.

 > But this digresses from the *true* issue.

It used to start out with the random idea to have a
filesystem translator carry MIME type information and
the thread still has the label "Extended attributes".

 > /etc/mailcap contains correspondences between MIME types and programs to
 > be used to process those types; *that* is what is being discussed.

I see, but that would be of general interest and is not terribly
HURDish, so I somewhat neglected all the associated details - I'm
sorry for that. Just ignore my little comment.


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