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Bug in Ethernet Card DE 530TX+ Driver

Hello all,

I recently bought a DLink 530TX+ NIC Card (based on the Realtek 8139A
chip set, ie not the Dlink 530TX which is based on the VIA Rhine chip).
GNUMach claims to successfully detect the card as eth0.

I can successfully set up the translator.  However, upon use (where use
is defined as `ls /servers/socket' or ping etc) the HURD reports the
following error message: translator died, `__get_free_page' could not
allocate a 64k receive buffer.  I also get this message on boot up when
the HURD tries to reinitialize the translator.

As a side note, I could not use the loop back address while the translator
for the Ethernet driver was `on' (what is a better word?).  I feel that
this is a bug in the HURD.

I placed the NIC Card in my other box (Linux 2.2.12) which can use the
card fine.  My HURD box now has an Intel Ether Express Pro 100b, which
works correctly with the same setrans as I used to setup the DLink card.


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