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reinstallation problems


I had already installed Hurd on my secound computer. During the installation
I had a disk curroption because of to less memory (forgot the swap
partition). So I reinstalled the whole thing from scratch again.
Unfortunately, the system hanged after GNUmach was loaded:

	Partition check (DOS partitions):
	 hd0: hd0s1 < hd0s5 hd0s6 hd0s7 > 
	com0: at atbus0, port = 3f8, spl = 6, pic = 4 (DOS COM1)
	com1: at atbus1, port = 2f8, spl = 6, pic = 3 (DOS COM2)
	hd01: bad access: block=28, count=2, blockend=30, nr_sects
	end_request: I/O error, dev 03:01, sector 28

On my other machine, wich is almost the same (Asus
P5A, AMD-K6-2), Hurd starts. Therefore I copied the whole system from there
(I did "mkefs2 -o hurd /dev/hda7" first) and it didn't boot again. I tried
several different BIOS configurations but without success. Downloaded again
all Debain packages rerun cross-install again and again. Now I'm completely
exhaustet and still don't have any clues what it could be. Any ideas?


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