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Re: panic: zalloc

On Sun, Jan 23, 2000 at 05:09:37PM -0500, Roland McGrath wrote:
> > I've been testing my Kaffe build under the Hurd. Most simple java programs 
> > run  fine, however there still are plenty ones that dont. While trying to 
> > debug test cases, one program once run consistently make gnumach issue a 
> > "panic: zalloc" and crash. I've been able to place the panic call in
> > gnumach-1.2/kern/zalloc.c line 486 (source taken from the debian archive). 
> > However if run under gdb, this only gives a SEGV in a seemingly unrelated 
> > place. Any clue to what's causing the problem?
> If you can produce a small case that causes this panic, please send it in.
> This is an indication of the kernel running out of memory in a bad way that
> it should not usually be doing.  
> > BTW, if gnumach hangs, is this a bug?
> Most likely.

I don't know about a small test case, since I don't really have a good idea 
what's causing it. But I've finally scrambled some time to put together a
binary distribution of kaffe for the Hurd. You can get it at 
ftp://scol.concordia.ca/pub/kaffe-bin.tar.bz2, it should run out of the box if 
you unpack it directly in the /usr/local directory, or you could upack it in a 
separate directory but would have to change a few scripts. Also get the files 
regression-classes.tar.bz2 and all.failed from the same directory. The former 
contains precompiled test programs and the latter the list of the test 
programs that failed. The ones that produce a "panic: zalloc" error are 
UncaughtException, NullPointerTest and HashtableTest1.

So, any other Java enthusiasts, try to d/l and install kaffe to see if you can 
find any more bugs in it or in the Hurd.


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