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Re: trivfs

> translator. However, I am having problems getting the waiting side
> of it to work in doing so, I have made several observations:

Do you mean "writing side"?

> If any of the /src/hurd/libtrivfs/* routines get called and abort
> because the function does not exist, the translator can never
> be removed (either via -g or --fg). 

Just kill the translator process.

> If another operation occurs on the translator, the whole system hangs and
> requires a reboot (note: I am not root).

It is very hard for me to judge what is in fact happening when you say "the
whole system hangs".  There are just too many things that you could mean by
this and too many ways you could be misconstruing whatever you are seeing.

> If the translator enters an infinite root, because for instance the
> amount_written in trivfs_io_write is always (incorrectly) returned
> as 0 (if the translator keeps telling the callee that the call failed),
> the system hangs again.

What is an infinite root?  Do you mean an infinite loop?

> If I attach to a translator with gdb, I get a message press return to
> continue or q to quit and then it just hangs.  What is the correct way
> to debug a translator.

You have not given enough detail about the situation to judge.  As a rule,
always include the actual output from a program that you are trying to use,
rather than paraphrasing or otherwise characterizing what you saw.  No
offense intended, but if you already knew which observable details
mattered, you wouldn't have to ask us for help, so assume you don't know.

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