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Re: someone could port libgc

On Thu, Jan 13, 2000 at 07:45:55PM +0000, Chris Lingard wrote:
> gcc 2.95.2 built OK (native Hurd) complete with gcj, and many others.

Okay, but unfortunately there is some work to be done in the Debian scripts.
BTW, did you make a three stage compile? I think you will get problems with
"make compare".
THen there is the issue that the linux code in gnumach and hurd does not
compile with 2.95, so I want to delay it a bit...
> Will look at libgc; it has a test suite; so if I get anywhere near, I will post a
> mail to the package maintainers and to you.

Okay. Include all features (gcj, etc). We will get gcc 2.95 eventually.


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