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summary: recent boot problems


this is a short status summary.

If you create partitions with ext2fsprogs 1.18, you face two problems:

You need grub to recognize the partition (older versions will not
work). If you don't have it, the partition will not be recognized or
recognized incorrectly, and the files (gnumach, serverboot) will not be

You need a new serverboot to bootstrap the Hurd. If you don't have it,
Gnumach will only go so far as recognizing the serial console and the
probably printing out a strange error message and halt.

A new grub boot floppy is available at alpha.gnu.org, in


A new serverboot is available at

Alternatively, you can avoid both problems by downgrading e2fsprogs and
recreating the partition.

Why is there no new hurd package with the new serverboot?
I updated my cross compilation environment and can't temporarily cross
compile the Hurd. A native compile is spurious because of the file
corruption problems I face. If the file corruption problem persists, I will
temporarily downgrade my cross comp environement, but I would prefer not to
do this.

Anyway, that's the current situation. Please help new people who didn't
read this mail and face one of the problems the next time.

I apologize for realizing the problems this late. I did not update to the
new e2fsprogs until a few days ago, and did not do a fresh install since


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