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Re: Hurd-package for GNU/Linux

Colin Walters <levanti@verbum.org> writes:

> Lars Weber <scum@myokay.net> writes:
> > 
> > Having just installed the hurd(and btw experienced the same problems
> > described in the *booting problem* thread), I asked myself if it
> > wouldn't be nice to have a package for Debian GNU/Linux containing
> > all files necessary to install the hurd(incl. docs).
> Have you tried Marcus's cross-install script?  It worked wonderfully
> for me, with the small exception that I had to add the --passive-ftp
> option to wget to let it FTP through my firewall.

Yes I have, thank you.  It worked fine for me, too(except for the
mentioned boot problem - which I still have).  I really liked
cross-install getting all the necessary files for me, once I figured
out how to make it to.  I just thought that it might encourage even
more people to install the HURD if there would be a more obvious way
to go!?  It is just an idea, though.


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