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Re: Random idea:

On Thu, Dec 30, 1999 at 01:10:51PM -0900, George A. Dowding wrote:
> * Obligatory Random Idea:
> Has anyone taken a look at Plan 9/Inferno.  They have made some
> interesting design decisions.  One of the most interesting is to
> elevate the concept of files.  Not only are all physical devices files 
> (like Unix), but running programs can be treated as files.  An example 
> given was a name server.  To get the information a process would write 
> the request to the name server file.  Reading that same file after the 
> request would provide the address information.  Apperently the idea
> was to limit the type of operations that processes had to provide to
> basic file reads and writes.
> To make a shell metaphor:
> $echo gnu.hurd.org > /system/nameserver
> $cat /system/nameserver
> Name:    www.gnu.org
> Address:
> Aliases:  hurd.gnu.org

Well, that's exactly what a Hurd translator can do. however, in the above
example, you have to keep the device open or you'd get problems in a
multi-tasking, multi-user system.

Well, if you feel a nameserver translator and similar would be useful, go
and write one for the Hurd!


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