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Re: general compilation questions..

Greg Olszewski wrote:
> Howdy. I installed the hurd last night. It almost went smoothly. Ran into
> a problem with libncurses4, It's listed as being in base/ but is actually
> in oldlibs, and the script wouldn't find it on my mirror, I switched it
> to libncurses5 thinking that would work, and it did for the install, but
> dselect dies without libncurses4.

Yes, cross-install needs an update. Replacing base/libncurses4 with
should make it work better.
> Next: I've hit some dependency issues, and don't know if this is the right
> place to report them..

Here is correct.
> logrotate wants cron 3.0pl1-53 but I only have 3.0pl1-50

Yeah, right. cron needs a recompile and finally the PATH_MAX issue
should be resolved.
However, I don't think it is that urgent.

> bsdutils wants sysvinit ( I think I've seen something mentioned about
> this before )

Just force it. An experimental sysvinit is available at

> and the one that bugs me the most apt is 0.1.9, and won't install because
> debconf wants apt

apt 0.1.9 is broken anyway, just forget about it.

debconf really depends on apt? I hope not so.
> Now. I want to make ssh run. I've managed to get openssl(which openssh relies
> on) to compile. Just had to add a hurd target in the Configure script with
> TERMIOS instead of TERMIO.

You saw that I compiled openssl and openssh?

BTW, the fix is correct. OTOH, you forgot to mention the PATH_MAX and
MAXHOSTNAMELEN issues, right?

> OpenSSL supports threading, and one thing I had to put in the Configure
> script was to use -D_REENTRANT when compiling, however I wanted to make
> sure that libc supports this on hurd. Being listed as libc0.2 I assume
> it's under seriours developement.

It doesn't. I am already in contact with openssl about the correct

libc0.2 is NOT a sign of bit dust. Look at the full version number (it
libc0.2-2.x.x), which is comparable to the linux versions.
> Next - OpenSSL passes make tests, so I figure it works. There's no hurd
> package for this yet, so I could make on, however this is a non-us package
> and I'm in the US.

Sorry, you are out of the game :) Come back later when you fixed your
Luckily, I am in German (see above for the link)

> hmm. what else..
> oh. Is there a way to do virtual terminals like in GNU/Linux?

Not yet.
> What needs doing?

Where shall I start....
If you want to take over with openssl and openssh, I can send you my
current patch and
what was already discussed with the openssl people. I wouldn't mind
passing it on.

No patch will touch crypto code, so it should be safe to transmit the
necessary patches
back and forth.


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