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Re: stack base (was Re: someone could port libgc)

   Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 00:23:17 -0500
   From: Roland McGrath <frob@debian.org>

   > Doesn't it store it in __libc_stack_end?  See
   > libc/sysdeps/generic/libc-start.c .  This program
   >     extern void* __libc_stack_end;
   >     main () { printf ("%p\n", __libc_stack_end); }
   > prints 0xbffffd1c on Linux/i386 and 0x101abfc on Hurd.

   Well, so it does.  How about that.  This is in the exported version
   map though I don't know how wise it is to use it, since it is an
   internal symbol and is only made visible in the version map for
   implementation reasons.

Ulrich will most certainly crucify the person who complains about apps
that no longer work because __libc_stack_end is no longer there.


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