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Re: native-install

On Thu, Jan 27, 2000 at 10:19:55AM -0500, Derek L Davies wrote:
> I was installing the other day and ran into problems when using the
> native-install script.
> During the package installation phase I got lots of errors saying that
> /usr/info/dir was missing.

Ah yes. I forgot the fix for this, but it is not sooo important. Probably
just touch /usr/info/dir (or copy a dummy file from another system) and run

dpkg --pending --configure
dpkg --pending --configure

> So, how restartable is native-install?  In
> other words, should I start all over again, this time insuring the
> existance of a reasonable /usr/info/dir before running native-install
> for the first time or is it o.k. to just create the file and rerun
> native-install?

I don't think it will create harm rerunning it, but it might not run through
succesfully, as now translators are active and someties don't want to be
changed, so causing an error. Just run dpkg twice as above, and edit
/etc/fstab. Most of the job is alreadz done when dpkg is started, so there
is hardly the need to rerun from start.

> BTW: It looks the grub package created the missing file - /usr/info
> had dir and grub* files after running native-install the first time,
> but no other files - I should've looked at the create dates, but I
> didn't think of it, sorry.

No problem. I will try to take care of it in the next version. (being
delayed for some time now).

Thanks for the reminder.

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