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Re: tetex and klibtool

Marcus Brinkmann wrote:

> Hi,
> whoever looked at tetex: klibtool reports in the configure that i386-gnu is
> not explicitely supported, and it would use the defaults.
> Please make sure that klibtool recognizes gnu and uses the same
> configuration as linux for libs.

Hello Marcus,
I reported a build of tetex on 19 November; but you probably should speak with
Kapil H Paranjape.

When I build it, I put extra lines in a case statement to recognise gnu.
klibtool is used only for the tetex directory;  the libkpathsea.so.3.3.1 uses
libtool.  Also the Debian build uses debstd, and this is a script calling

I have since deleted the source directory because Debian Org flamed us when it
was suggested that changes were needed.  I am not sure that it could be build
using an empty directory and the ../configure method.  It would probably be
easiest to port Kapil's (or my) binaries;  and produce a Hurd (working) version
of Tex/tetex in the future.


> Thanks,
> Marcus
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