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-fPIC, libraries, and overriding a lintian error Re: /lib32 -> emul/ia32-linux/lib ? /usr/libexec and change the permissions to 0777 for functionality. Re: /var/www is depracated, which directory to use? Re: [OT] Packaging Re: [Pkg-utopia-maintainers] Bug#558570: Missing autoreconf to fix 554821 or similar bugs in the future add information on what was adopted to the WNPP report? AMD64 build issues Anjal package needs RPATH, which is considered an error Applied-Upstream field for Patch Tagging Guidelines (DEP-3) Re: Archive section in debian/control Archive section in debian/control (was Re: Lintian based autorejects) Re: Auto Backporting (Was: Backports of scientific packages) Best practice for packaging *spell binutils-gold and symbols files Re: Bits from the ftp-team Re: Bits from the FTPMaster meeting Re: Bits from the NM people Re: bug #551926: python-pip and pip: error when trying to install together Re: bug #551926: python-pip and pip: error when trying to install together Re: bug #551926: python-pip and pip: error when trying to install together Re: Bug#551386: Per-package link to upstreams bugtracker Re: Bug#552677: install-info changes Bug#553582: ITP: libapache-session-ldap-perl -- LDAP Backend for Apache::Session system Bug#553597: ITP: gemanx-gtk2 -- Term BBS Client beyond PCMan X Bug#553614: ITP: pudb -- full-screen, console-based Python debugger Bug#553622: ITP: colorcode -- advanced clone of the MasterMind game Bug#553653: ITP: Blazeblogger -- simple to use but capable CMS for the command line Bug#553679: ITP: linux-armel -- Linux support headers for userspace development (for cross-compiling) Bug#553682: ITP: binutils-armel -- The GNU binary utilities, for arm-linux-gnueabi target Bug#553683: ITP: eglibc-armel -- GNU C Library: Shared libraries (for cross-compiling) Bug#553684: ITP: gcc-4.4-armel -- The GNU C compiler (for cross-compiling) Bug#553685: ITP: gcc-4.3-armel -- The GNU C compiler (for cross-compiling) Bug#553687: ITP: gdb-armel -- The GNU Debugger (for cross-compiling) Re: Bug#553760: replacing libreadline5-dev build dependency with libreadline-dev Re: Bug#553936: FTBFS with binutils-gold Bug#553942: ITP: libsexp-processor-ruby -- brings all the generic sexp processing tools to ruby Bug#553975: ITP: pgtune -- Optimize parameters in postgresql.conf file Bug#554033: ITP: luajit -- Just in time compiler for Lua 5.1 Bug#554045: ITP: libctapimkt -- Read German Krankenversichertenkarte and eGK Bug#554048: ITP: python-mhash -- Python bindings for libmhash Bug#554177: ITP: libqt4intf -- Qt4 interface bindings Bug#554194: ifupdown virtual package name and mass-filing (if accepted) Bug#554243: ITP: python-jabberbot -- easily write simple Jabber bots Bug#554430: ITP: libfilter-crypto-perl -- libfilter-crypto-perl is a library to create runnable Perl files encrypted with OpenSSL libcrypto Bug#554431: ITP: yui3 -- Yahoo! User Interface Library Version 3 Bug#554507: ITP: fjbtndrv -- Linux driver and tools for the tablet buttons of Fujitsu Tablet PCs Bug#554538: general: emacs23 and iceweasel have very simmilar icons Re: Bug#554694: FTBFS with binutils-gold Bug#554717: ITP: torsocks -- use socks-friendly applications with Tor Bug#554844: ITP: pacparser -- library to parse proxy auto-config files Bug#554868: ITP: libjlatexmath-java -- Implementation of LaTeX math mode wrote in Java. Bug#554884: ITP: libpod2-base-perl -- Base module for translations of Perl documentation Re: Bug#554893: startup script should be more careful with chown -R Bug#555006: ITP: libcloud -- a unified interface to the cloud Bug#555091: ITP: haskell-bytestring-nums -- Parse numeric literals from ByteStrings Bug#555128: ITP: libpod-eventual-perl -- module to read a POD as a series of trivial events Bug#555197: ITP: fieldslib -- OCaml syntax extension that enables folding over record fields Bug#555321: ITP: libtokyocabinet-perl -- Perl Binding of Tokyo Cabinet Bug#555328: ITP: libdata-yaml-perl -- Easy YAML serialisation of Perl data structures Bug#555393: ITP: pidgin-skype -- Skype plugin for libpurple messengers Bug#555519: ITP: qtjambi -- Qt Jambi provides Qt bindings for the Java programming language. Bug#555520: ITP: openlaszlo -- OpenLaszlo is an open source platform for the development and delivery of rich Internet applications. Bug#555521: ITP: easyjavasimul -- Authoring tool written in Java that helps non-programmers create interactive simulations in Java. Bug#555522: ITP: libosphysics -- Java code libraries for numerical simulations. Bug#555524: ITP: libjscience -- Java API for performing numerical calculations and data storage among other things. Bug#555623: ITP: qbzr -- Graphical interface for Bazaar using the Qt toolkit Bug#555682: ITP: libgmpada -- Ada binding to the GNU MultiPrecision library Bug#555717: ITP: python-bottle -- fast and simple WSGI-framework for Python Bug#555730: ITP: tegaki-wagomu -- another recognition engine for tegaki Bug#555846: ITP: pleiades -- Japanese Language package for Eclipse using Dynamic AOP, Pleiades Bug#555852: ITP: gmerlin-avdecoder -- general purpose media decoding library Bug#555921: ITP: r-bioc-hilbertvis -- GNU R package to visualise long vector data Re: Bug#555944: ITP: fast-md5 -- fast implementation of the MD5 algorithm written in Java Bug#555944: ITP: fast-md5 -- fast implementation of the MD5 algorithm written in Java Bug#556010: RFH: link-grammar -- Carnegie Mellon University's link grammar parser for English Bug#556100: ITP: c-icap -- ICAP server coded in C Bug#556131: ITP: opensips -- very fast and configurable SIP server Bug#556167: ITP: scilab-ann -- Scilab toolbox for artificial neural networks Bug#556169: ITP: openide-util -- Netbeans utility library Bug#556171: ITP: scilab-swt -- Scilab Wavelet Toolbox Bug#556219: ITP: libalgorithm-permute-perl -- Handy and fast permutation with object oriented interface Bug#556241: ITP: bangarang -- KDE multimedia player with a lightweight interface Bug#556363: ITP: libdata-dumper-concise-perl -- module for more shorter Data::Dumper-like output Re: Bug#556386: ITP: libdigest-sha-pureperl-perl -- Digest::SHA::PurePerl - Perl implementation of SHA-1/224/256/384/512 Re: Bug#556386: ITP: libdigest-sha-pureperl-perl -- Digest::SHA::PurePerl - Perl implementation of SHA-1/224/256/384/512 Bug#556386: ITP: libdigest-sha-pureperl-perl -- Digest::SHA::PurePerl - Perl implementation of SHA-1/224/256/384/512 Bug#556440: ITP: tuxcmd-modules-unrar -- unrar VFS module for tuxcmd file manager Bug#556451: ITP: python-lzma -- Python bindings for liblzma Bug#556458: ITP: swissknife -- Perl API to UniProt database Bug#556552: ITP: python-openelectrophy -- data analysis framework for intra- and extra-cellular recordings Bug#556593: ITP: libcrypt-misty1-perl -- Perl module implementing the Misty1 algorithm Bug#556602: ITP: lcrack -- A generic password cracker Bug#556604: ITP: python-slimmer -- HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript optimizer Bug#556643: ITP: togl -- a Tk OpenGL widget Bug#556646: ITP: haskell-hscurses -- NCurses bindings for Haskell Bug#556855: ITP: python-django-dajax -- Easy to use ajax library for django Bug#556862: ITP: libparse-dmidecode-perl -- Interface to SMBIOS data reported by dmidecode Bug#556886: ITP: libpostfix-parse-mailq-perl -- module to parse the postfix mail queue Bug#556928: ITP: pyflag -- An advanced forensic tool for large volumes of log files Bug#556949: ITP: libalgorithm-diff-xs-perl -- module to find differences between files (XS accelerated) Bug#556958: ITP: abiword-docs -- documentation for the abiword word processor Bug#556966: ITP: libpod-coverage-trustpod-perl -- module to support hints for Pod::Coverage Bug#556996: ITP: gnuspool -- A network-based print spooler Bug#557026: ITP: gtkhotkey -- Gtk hotkey shared library Bug#557066: ITP: nama -- Ecasound-based multitrack recorder, mixer and mastering application Bug#557101: ITP: pyabiword -- Python AbiWidget and TableWidget wrappers Bug#557123: ITP: r-cran-amore -- GNU R: A MORE flexible neural network package Bug#557128: ITP: beanstalkd -- simple, in-memory workqueue server Bug#557135: ITP: r-cran-teachingdemos -- GNU R Demonstrations for teaching and learning Bug#557196: ITP: r-cran-epicalc -- GNU R Epidemiological calculator Bug#557199: ITP: r-cran-epir -- GNU R Functions for analysing epidemiological data Bug#557200: ITP: r-cran-medadherence -- GNU R Medication Adherence: Commonly Used Definitions Bug#557202: ITP: r-cran-diagnosismed -- GNU R Diagnostic test accuracy evaluation for medical professionals Bug#557245: large packages dropped from CDs Bug#557303: ITP: libmoosex-role-withoverloading-perl -- Moose extension for roles that support overloading Bug#557430: ITP: gummi -- simple latex editor written in Python/PyGTK Bug#557431: general: there is no package to install all POSIX utilities at once Bug#557431: general: there is no package to install all POSIX utilities at once Bug#557459: dpkg-source: should not fallback to other formats without user intervention Bug#557480: ITP: python-elementary -- Python bindings for the Elementary widget set Bug#557515: ITP: rail -- Replace Agent-string Internal Library Bug#557680: ITP: pep8simulator -- Pep/8 assembler and simulator Bug#557731: ITP: lptools -- desktop tools for Launchpad Bug#557788: ITP: libjson-c -- JSON manipulation library Bug#557808: ITP: gtksheet -- a spreadsheet-like matrix for GTK+ Bug#557835: ITP: jug -- Pure java UUID generator Bug#557882: ITP: libextutils-manifest-perl -- utilities to write and check a MANIFEST file Bug#557892: RFH: hfsprogs -- mkfs and fsck for HFS and HFS+ file systems Bug#558028: ITP: Shared-desktop-ontologies -- shared ontologies for file indexers Bug#558090: ITP: camljava -- interface between OCaml and Java via Caml/C interface and JNI Bug#558117: ITP: python-demjson -- encoder, decoder, and lint/validator for JSON in Python Bug#558202: ITP: qtsmbstatus -- smbstatus graphical interface (GUI) Bug#558210: ITP: ibus-unikey -- Vietnamese Input Method Engine for IBus using Unikey Engine Bug#558212: ITP: scim-unikey -- Vietnamese Input Method Engine for SCIM using Unikey Engine Bug#558259: ITP: java3ds-fileloader -- Java3D 3DS FileLoader Bug#558273: ITP: python-lockfile -- Platform-independent file locking module Bug#558274: ITP: dracut -- A new initramfs infrastructure Bug#558322: ITP: seahaventowers -- seahaven towers solitaire game Bug#558330: ITP: libmaven-exec-plugin-java -- A plugin to allow execution of system and Java programs Bug#558344: ITP: libjas-plotter-java -- JAS(2) Plotter Bug#558345: ITP: libfreehep-export-java -- FreeHEP Export and Save As Library Bug#558394: ITP: twitim -- Twitter client for GNOME Bug#558419: ITP: merlin -- alternative database backend for nagios3 with support for redundant and distributed monitoring Bug#558587: Addition Bug#558587: general: Keep last package version in archives Bug#558587: marked as done (general: Keep last package version in archives) Bug#558647: ITP: pythonocc -- pythonocc is a computer program whose purpose is to provide a complete set of python bindings for the OpenCascade library as well as the GEOM Salome package Bug#558684: ITP: envstore -- save and restore environment variables Bug#558690: ITP: aptdaemon -- transaction based package management service Bug#558692: ITP: software-center -- Utility for browsing, installing, and removing applications (Ubuntu Software Center) Bug#558715: ITP: xappy -- easy-to-use interface to the Xapian search engine Bug#558739: RFH: hibernate -- smartly puts your computer to sleep (suspend to RAM or disk) Bug#558768: ITP: uget -- easy-to-use download manager written in GTK+2 Bug#558797: ITP: sessioninstaller -- APT based installer using PackgeKit's session DBus API Re: Build logs from local builds Re: Clarify rationale for 'debian/rules' shebang line Re: Clarify rationale for ‘debian/rules’ shebang line Re: Clarify rationale for ‘debian/rules’ shebang line Re: common, FHS-compliant, default document root for the various web servers Re: common, FHS-compliant, default document root for the various web servers common, FHS-compliant, default document root for the various web servers Cross compiler ITP (armel) cross-building, apt-cross and multiarch CTTE deciding technical policy [Re: Lintian based autorejects] Debian means 'closer to Windows'? Re: debian/rules "make -f" restriction Re: defaulting to net.ipv6.bindv6only=1 for squeeze DEP-5: binary package affected by license $foo DEP3 and even more incompatible "RFC-2822" formats Re: dep3 nit-picks Dependencies of early boot scripts Depends/Recommends?: Linux image packages going to depend on python Re: dir-or-file-in-var-www on single-HTML file web "apps" or the like dir-or-file-in-var-www on single-HTML file web "apps" or the like Distro baseada en DEBIAN====Distribuicion basada en DEBIAN === Distro Based DEBIAN Re: Distro baseada en DEBIAN====Distribuicion basada en DEBIAN === Distro Based DEBIAN Fixing lib linkage for plugins/python extensions Re: FOSDEM 2010 FP: dita-ot -- transforms DITA content (maps and topics) into deliverable formats GDM, getty and VTs The last update was on 07:25 GMT Sun Apr 22. There are 1047 messages. Page 1 of 3.

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