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Re: Bug#554694: FTBFS with binutils-gold

Dmitry E. Oboukhov wrote:
> Goldendict are built by qt4-qmake. I think that You should report
> about such projects in qt4-qmake package, because just qt4-qmake
> generates linker call command. I think that it is the same as packages
> which are under automake/autoconf.
As others have said it before: these tools don't magically find dependencies. 
So it is a user who specified it and in most cases not in auto* or *make, but 
in a external script/config file. This means either the package author of the 
broken package or the author of the (for example) pkg-config file has to 
correct it. So it is correct that not always the broken package is the reason 
for that problem.

> You buried me with the same bugs, but only one really touched my
> package. I think You should find out which specific a package has a bug
> before submit bugreports.
I expect ~600 broken packages. I don't have really time to check in detail 
what is broken. I do a quick check if it looks like this is the fault of the 
package and not the build system, but I cannot create patches for every 
problem. I am really sorry if I submit a wrong bug.

To show you that this is probably real a broken config file I attached you a 
patch which fixes this packages. I would feel better if it would use pkg-
config or something similar, but I don't know qmake4 good enough to find how 
to use it correctly.

And the problem is only that it uses for example XKeysymToKeycode in 
hotkeywrapper.cc:305 which is defined by libX11.so `readelf -s 
/usr/lib/libX11.so|grep XKeysymToKeycode` - but doesn't link to it correctly.

> For example: fluxbox is built with autotools. goldendict is built with
> qt4-qmake. Do You suggest me to patch all these packages?
You don't have to fix these things. A report back to the upstream author would 
be everything I expect from a maintainer. If he real fixes it by himself - 
wow, that's wonderful, but I don't force anybody to do that.

Best regards,
--- a/goldendict.pro	2009-11-06 10:49:10.196891227 +0100
+++ b/goldendict.pro	2009-11-06 10:44:34.852891885 +0100
@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@
     LIBS += -Lwinlibs/lib
 unix { 
-    LIBS += -lXtst
+    LIBS += -lXtst -lX11
     PREFIX = $$(PREFIX)
     isEmpty( PREFIX ):PREFIX = /usr
     DEFINES += PROGRAM_DATA_DIR=\\\"$$PREFIX/share/apps/goldendict/\\\"

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